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Harbour Trees Golf Course & Cart Path Use
Posted on Mar 8th, 2021

As golf season arrives, we would like to address the use of the golf course and cart paths for any non-golf activities.  For the safety of everyone, we would ask all residents and neighbors (members or non-members) to refrain from using the golf course and cart paths unless you are playing an authorized round of golf.  There were several close calls last year where dog walkers, bike riders, joggers, etc… were almost hit with golf balls because they were not visible to the golfers.
Parents, for their safety please remind your children that they should not use the cart paths to travel around the neighborhood.  Many people are not golfers and do not understand how dangerous this can be, so we are asking everyone to help spread the word to your friends, neighbors and children.
Thank you in advance for your compliance and your vigilance in an effort to keep everyone safe this year.
Harbour Trees Golf Club
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